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The days of Olde are now the present.

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Purpose of DA's of Olde Nation:

Provide a forum for viners of opposing views to engage in productive and civil discourse.

Think ● Research ● Engage


TOPICAL: Limit exchanges to topical matters and avoid negative personal matters.
RESPECTFUL: Profanity (within reason), sarcasm, etc. is fair game; ridicule, insults, name-calling, overt vitriol, etc. of fellow viners is not.
CIVIL: Spirited, candid debates are welcome; attempts to inflame or express personal disdain are not.
HONEST: Potential lying, straw-man arguments, etc. may be challenged by admins.

Discussion: See article "Mission and Guidelines for DA's of Olde"

NOTE: This nation reserves the right to delete any comment that is considered by an administrator to be contrary to the spirit of productive, civil discourse.